Andrew Alberth,


Greatest Church basketball coach ever

Mo Sherbi, Executive Director of Logistics

He is very bad at fantasy football

Landry Bear, Executive Director of Accounting

Has seen every Marvel movie so many times that he thinks he is an actual avenger

Jasmine Meredith, Executive Director of Media Relations

She knows more about you than you know about yourself based on your zodiac sign

Khari Murphy, Executive Director of Media Operations

You won't have a chance against him Madden

Shawn Tucker, Executive Director of Partnerships

On the side, he is Marlon Wayan's stunt devil

Trent Spradlin, Executive Director of Athlete Communications

Owns a franchise of car dealerships in Texas called SPRADLINS

Sunny Mehta, Executive Director of Public Relations

His dream was to work for the Cowboys but instead he got stuck with us

Connor McGovern, SR. Partnership Director

He proclaims the East coast as the best coast

Melanie McDevitt, Executive Director of Digital Media 

She is the best kept secret on TV

Jason Kusters, Executive Director of Production

He is known as The Giant

Chad Tucker, Executive Director of Business Development

Has been mistaken for a Ninja Turtle more than once

Sheel Butha, SR. Partnership Director

She has super powers. No, FOR REAL

Robert Rodriguez, SR. Partnership Director

Best rapper alive, or at least on our staff

Joseph Middleton, SR. Partnership Director


James Watt, SR. Partnership Director

He sells grass the legal way

Kim Francis, SR. Partnership Director

She is known as the connector

Chuck Walton, Director of Player Personnel

He is the most connected man in the world

Jason McCoy, SR. Partnership Director

You can hear him on a podcast coming soon

Fatanah LaFleur, SR. Partnership Director

She's living her best life in LA

Lester Mitchell JR, Partnership Director

He's our version of Stump the Schwab

Michael Jefferson, SR. Partnership Director

He does not lose

Jessica Gibson, Sr. Partnership Director

She's a hustler through and through

Jack Macnee, Partnership Director

In the future he might be one of our athletes #NHL

Manny Guzman, Partnership Director

Welcome to the team

Bobby Malacara, Director of Leads

Welcome to the team

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